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What Is 3D Annotation?

An artificial intelligence system requires specifically prepared information to work with to learn to identify patterns, not just raw data. Video annotation, in particular 3D labeling, is a common method for converting data into labeled data that an AI can process. It identifies, tags, and categorizes each item in a video or visual.

3D annotation is a complex procedure requiring a vast skill set, rich experience, and a high level of valid knowledge. It takes a lot of time and resources from your in-house team though it mainly consists of a routine job. We offer a better option.

We are a Ukrainian outstaffing firm that can provide an image annotation outsourcing service for your project. Our staff can help you to hire certified specialists based on your unique needs. You will directly manage your new 3D image annotation crew while saving money and working on pivotal business processes.


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Our Services

As an outstaffing online image annotation service company, we provide various services to optimize AI-powered business features.

Image Classification​

Classification determines whether items in an image or video are present. It refers to teaching machine learning models to identify which categories (objects) are represented.

Image Segmentation

Image segmentation emphasizes foreground components, making them simpler to analyze for further processing. 3d image segmentation gives pixel-by-pixel characteristics of an item to identify what information on the visuals is important and what is not.

Boundary Recognition

Boundary recognition detects the borders of objects inside pictures. It operates by scanning changes in brightness. It is used in image analysis, machine learning, and computer vision for picture segmentation and data extraction.

Object Detection​

3d object detection determines whether items are present in an image or video and where they are located. Use scenarios include face recognition with any post-detection analysis, such as expression detection, age estimate, or sleep detection.

Video Annotation Techniques We Use

It has a variety of real-world uses, including the automobile sector, the medical and healthcare industries, and retail establishments. We employ several strategies to fulfill our tasks.


2D Bounding Boxes

Annotators outline items with rectangular boxes. To guarantee that the 2D bounding box approach works well, the video annotator draws the box as near to the object's edge as feasible and labels it correctly throughout all frames.


3D Bounding Boxes/ Cuboids Annotation

When an item is in motion, the 3D cuboids box approach labels its length, breadth, and depth and analyzes how it comes into contact with its surroundings. Annotators create 3d boxes around the item of interest, including reference points at the box's edges.


Polygons Annotation

In most cases, the polygon annotation approach is used to define an irregular item, for instance, a human or an animal. The video annotator must draw lines by accurately putting dots around the perimeter of the object of interest.

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Semantic Segmentation

In this approach, each pixel in an image is allocated to a certain class. 3d semantic segmentation considers multiple objects of the same category as a single entity by providing a name to each picture pixel.

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Lines and Splines Annotation

Splines and lines are used to help AI recognize borders and lanes. Video annotators add lines between places, readily allowing computer vision algorithms to distinguish them between frames. The labeling is more precise with 3D point annotation.


Landmark Annotation

Generally, landmark annotation is used to identify tiny items, forms, postures, and actions. Annotators connect dots across the object, creating a framework of the object across every video frame.

Why Choose Us For Video Annotation Services?

For over a decade, we have built trusting business relationships and offered high-quality IT outsourcing services. Join the 40+ firms that already have qualified specialists on their teams! Outsource 3D annotation services to us to save time and receive better results.

Extensive Knowledge


The cases, client feedback, and leading industry ratings prove the company’s outstanding results. We provide services to businesses worldwide: we delivered 1,000 projects for customers in over 15 countries, like Switzerland, Japan, Israel, the U.S.A, etc.

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We provide you with a staff tailored to your specific needs to deliver a successful project and quality assurance. You can choose how involved you’d like to be in managing this process. In any case, you’ll get the needed results.

Scalability and adaptability


With many years of expertise and a strong professional network, we can provide top professionals for your team. We assemble an amazing online video annotation crew that can be expanded up or down based on your needs. The recruiting procedure is simple and takes little time.

Cost Cutting


You will save money while receiving fantastic performance by outsourcing image labeling services for machine learning – an expert can determine the best solution to solve your business challenge. Furthermore, your in-house staff will have more time to focus on higher-priority activities.

How to Get 3D Annotation Services With Us

If you are ready to improve your image annotation for machine learning or annotation video project by employing a remote staff, follow these steps:

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Industries We Serve ​

As an outstaffing online image annotation service company, we provide various services to optimize AI-powered business features.


eCommerce​ to give their consumers a personalized in-store experience


Production to get a 3D assessment of potential product flaws​​

machine learning

Education​ to deliver models of antiques, scientific samples, and anatomical structures​


CTs and MRIs in the medical business​ to get 3D imaging for accurate illness detection


Geographical orientation to make a precise mapping

virtual reality glasses

Retail to give a more lifelike shopping experience via VR and AR


Vehicle industry​ to create tracking auto-systems with 3d point cloud annotation


Agriculture to use AI technologies for harvesting​

3 Partnership Models We Offer

3D annotation enables companies to improve their client relationships. But the process demands the involvement of an upper-edge specialist.

With our experience hiring top-ranked engineers for various requests, you can get a dedicated 3d labeling engineer in no time. Our rich talent resources and access to the newest technological solutions boost our clients in achieving profitable outcomes.

Outsourcing 3D annotation services ensure quality and speed while minimizing losses.

managed services

Managed 3D Annotation Service

for short-term projects with strict requirements, budgets, and timelines.

part-time data annotator

Reliable 3D Annotation Specialist

for data labeling of a specific dataset, short-term collaboration

dedicated 3d annotator team

Dedicated 3D Annotation Specialist

who integrates into your team for a lasting project.

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