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In order to assist international innovators in developing, validating, and updating computer vision models, has given millions of high-quality annotated images. Polygon annotation, bounding boxes,semantic segmentation, lidar annotation, image classification, 3d cuboid annotation, landmark annotation, keypoint annotation, and rapid annotation are just a few image annotation services that we offer to meet the objectives of a client’s project. Our team collaborates with the client to calibrate the job’s quality and throughput and give the optimal cost-quality ratio.  

We have access to a talent pool that consists of a wide variety of experienced specialists from all over the world. You will be able to achieve your needs at a reasonable price by outsourcing image annotation service with us. The advantages of our top-notch annotation image services are stated below. Learn why you should choose us to outsource your image annotation needs and how we plan to make your decision to do so lucrative.

Our Benefits

The reasons to hire remote or online image annotationexperts include:


Affordable Prices

Our data labeling company makes sure this journey delivers you the greatest bargain with the most perks once you become one of our clients. Our customizable images, economical and data labeling service, scalable personnel, and flexible price structure are all a part of who we are.


Image Annotation in High Definition

To ensure that quality is never compromised at any stage, we adhere to a strict quality approach when annotating images. This makes it possible for our clients to have exclusive, secure, high-end data.


Data Security at All Levels

Our top priority is upholding complete data security and confidentiality. Before, during, and after the delivery of the requirements, your data is safe with us.

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Scalable Approach

With top-notch personnel and well-equipped infrastructure, we provide data labeling services that can quickly annotate images. This has a scalable way to handle photos in bulk while maintaining output quality.

Services We Provide


Bounding Boxes

Bounding boxes' strength is precisely their simplicity, which makes this image annotation online approach useful for various purposes.

rapid annotation

Polygon Annotation

This method is beneficial in computer vision since it enables annotators to recognize irregular shapes, enabling computers to recognize and react to them.


Rapid Annotation

Our professional data labeling team quickly produces best-in-class video training datasets for each AI or ML project. 


Semantic Segmentation

Our computer vision specialists find desirable objects in photos at the pixel level. Data can be arranged in a variety of ways for AI data labeling across a range of use cases with the help of skilled semantic segmentation.


Image Classification

On the basis of unique multi-level taxonomies, such as land use, crops, and residential property attributes, annotators categorize photos or objects inside images. Expert image categorization for AI and ML models transforms image data into image insights.


3D Cuboid Annotation

Cuboids enable annotators to produce training datasets for teaching machine learning models to identify the depth of objects. These dots are then linked together by a line, creating a 3D representation of the object using anchor points usually located at its edges.

keypoint annotation

Keypoint Annotation

This sort of annotation recognizes physical characteristics, such as emotions and expressions on the face. Facial recognition is one of the most common use cases for keypoint annotation.

polyline annotation

Polyline Annotation

Polyline annotation is used to construct training datasets by our professionals that instruct a machine learning model to recognize and function within physical limits. Autonomous vehicles and teaching them about road boundaries are common use cases.

lidar annotation

Lidar Annotation

To create precise, superior ground truth datasets for use in computer vision models such as driverless vehicles, out teams label 360-degree visibility photos and videos taken by multi-sensor cameras.

What Industries Need Text Annotation?



Robotics frequently uses 3D object detection, made possible by data annotation and labeling, to prevent collisions with dynamic objects like people, animals, and moving characters.


Self Driving

The car can identify objects like pedestrians, other vehicles, traffic signs, and barriers by annotating the bounding boxes of everything in its vicinity with computer vision techniques.


Health Care

An important component of finding connections between genetic codes, powering surgical robots, and improving healthcare processes & productivity is embedding annotations & relevant labels in AI.


AI in Retail

An effective deployment of image annotation and data labeling can be essential for automating processes and assisting merchants in improving the shopping experience for customers.


Autonomous Flying

Image annotation carried out at the backend using autonomous flying training data can make AI systems enabling automated or assisted flight simpler and more accessible.



Bounding box annotations and IoT sensors can give real-time data that AI algorithms can use to increase agricultural productivity and production using real-time field observations

How It Works​

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Managed Annotation Services

You merely provide us with the raw data and your needs, and we complete the labeling and quality assurance testing within the predetermined time. 

Part-time dedicated annotator

With a flexible workload and QA performed by us, we appoint a specialized labeler who works closely with you on the project and provides labeling service.

Managed Annotation Services

We find you a committed laborer that spends 40 hours per week working just for you on your project and in accordance with your instructions, providing data labeling service.

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