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What Is Object Labeling?

Image and video annotation is a process of emphasizing needed objects within the video or on the image. Necessary objects receive labels that determine them within all other objects. It is especially important for Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it helps AI recognize and categorize these objects. Thus it makes working with such data more pleasant for machines. 

We can use Object Annotation in different fields thus facilitating working in it. And it is the main reason for the popularity of Object Labeling. It makes our life easier and increases productivity. 

If you want to build a successful business strategy then, probably, hiring an annotation specialist will be a great idea for you. And collaboration with a remote expert is especially good! Here are the main reasons to address remote image annotation services and video annotation services (but there are still many more of them!)

The Reasons to Hire Remote Annotation Experts Include:


perfectly working business strategy


rising productivity and effectiveness of your business


high quality and speed of work done


personal approach for your concrete project and field

Annotation Services We Provide

Picture annotation services and video annotation services can be divided into different types depending on a field it is applicable and its main purpose. It determines the way of object recognition and some its specifics.

We provide such types of Object Tagging services:


Bounding Boxes

The most common but still useful type. Its sense is in emphasizing the needed object in a box that is defined by x and y coordinates. These coordinates are located at the top right and bottom left angles of the box. It helps machines to determine the position of the object. This method can be used in various situations where it is important to locate the object.


Lidar Annotation

This type is aimed at light detection and ranging. It is also mostly used for autonomous vehicles and car annotation as it helps them to coordinate in surroundings. Lidar annotation services help machines to determine the location of other objects relative to the vehicle.


Polyline Annotation

In this type object recognition is available due to marking them with lines. It helps determine directions, boundaries, vectors.


Polygon Annotation

This type is similar to previous but still has some significant differences. Thus, it labels an object using more points with coordinates building not a simple box but a figure that is maximally close to needed object. It is a good idea to address polygon annotation services when you need to distinguish only an object and not to capture a background.

voice recognition

Image Classification

This type means exactly the same as it sounds. It is a process of dividing entire images into categories according to what there is on them. Each picture can correspond only to one category. Due to Machine Learning AI can make predictions about the class each image belongs to and classify them.

object recognition

Rapid Annotation

This type of annotation was established for bacterial and archaeal genomes. Its works identifying genomic features and labeling their functions.


Keypoint Annotation

It is very similar to landmark annotation as its main sense is also marking objects due to dots. There are several numbered dots that are connected. It is mostly used when there are different objects but with the same structure, as humans are, for example.


Semantic Image Segmentation

This type is based on labeling each pixel at the image. Thus parts of an image that are belonging to the same object are clustering together. Due to semantic segmentation deep learning you can receive a fully tagged image where each pixel has its own semantic meaning. This is mostly used for training self-driving vehicles but still can be applicable in some other fields as well.


3D Cuboid Annotation

Cuboids are similar to bounding boxes but have extra coordinate z. It increases the detailing of the object and opens such a category for recognizing as volume. So you can receive a 3d object representation. It is super helpful for successfully recognizing the distance between the objects.


Landmark Annotation

This type includes the process of adding dots around the object for its better identification. It is useful when an object has plenty of different characteristics as, for example, faces have.

What Industries Need Object Labeling?



Video object detection was extremely developed last time and became one of the core details in robotics. Especially 3D object detection that helps robots recognize different objects and avoid collisions with them.



Precise image tagging services in this field can play a great role and significantly increase customers’ using experience. It also helps to optimize work, increase efficiency and lead to higher profit.


Self Driving

Object detection images help self-driving vehicles recognize objects and their positions around the vehicle. Thus, due to Object Labeling vehicles are able to recognize traffic signs, pedestrians, barriers and other vehicles.



In health care object detection is an important part as it helps to set connections between genetic codes, optimize healthcare processes and increase its productivity.



In this field data labeling can give real-time data to increase the effectiveness of agricultural processes and improve the yield.


Autonomous Flying

Flight partly or fully controlled by AI can become significantly easier due to image annotation. In this field it helps determine different objects in surroundings, boundaries, vectors, speed and many more.

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3 Main Models of Cooperation We Offer

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Part-time Annotator(s) Dedicated To Your Project

This service means that you can hire a specialist or specialists for your project on a part-time basis. It can be a good addition to your already existing team. Or it would be a great decision if you have tight deadlines or a budget.

Full-time Annotator Specialist fully dedicated To Your Project

Besides, you can hire a full-time expert that will become a part of your team. Great decision if you do not have enough specialists to complete the project. From our side perfect quality is guaranteed.

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